Pointe de Chates: Reasons why you should buy a house

One of the best investments you can make in your life buying a home. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious home that’ll fulfil your dreams, it can also be a perfect place where you can stay at this moment in your life. Although it’s also normal to have reservations about this decision because there’s a lot to consider. 

It’s always a good idea to further research homeownership and the processes it entails before jumping into any decision. This is a reasonable response to a decision of this scale, but there are various reasons to invest in a good home as early as now. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a home: 

  1. A sense of accomplishment and pride

Buying a home using your hard-earned money is a feat worth celebrating. It gives you the satisfaction of pushing your life into something meaningful. Once you sign all the necessary paperwork, you’d have this sense of accomplishment that can push your life even further. 

  1. You own the rights to your new home

Homeownership is much better than renting out an apartment. In your own home, you can redecorate the place according to your taste. Apartments, on the other hand, have rules that you have to follow during your stay. Redecorating can also be a hassle because you only have limited options and space to move. 

  1. Housing prices have a tendency to rise over time

If you’re set on buying a home, you should consider purchasing a title early on. The housing market can be unpredictable at times and waiting for prices to drop can be futile. You might even lose the house you’ve been eyeing because other homeowners swept the title before you could land the deal. It doesn’t mean that you should impulsively buy a home, but it is better if you make the decision early on. 

  1. Cheaper than renting out an apartment

Aside from not having the freedom to decorate as you please, expenses from renting out a place can pile up long term. Although home ownership means you have to put out a lot of money, the expenses will only be felt in the first few years. By the time you break even with the loans, you can feel the stark difference between the expenses of renting a place and owning a house. 

  1. Tax deductions

Often, tax rates favour the homeowners as long as the mortgage balance is smaller compared to the price of our home. Although at first, it’s a lot expensive, as time goes by the rate goes lower and can give you a breather when it comes to tax payments.

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