Pointe Des Chatels: Things to buy for first-time homeowners

Your first home will always have a special place in your heart because this is where you’ll learn the dos and don’ts and how to start living independently without much help from your family. Additionally, your first home will teach you how to run things around and maintain appliances that are important for your everyday life. 

With a new home comes new appliances to complete the things you need. As a first-time homeowner, it’s important to prioritize items that you’ll be using frequently instead of those that are only for decorations. 

With that said, here are some of the things that first-time homeowners should buy:

Drapes or blinds

Privacy is especially important when it comes to new homeowners. Since you’re not familiar with your neighbour yet, you should be wary of your surroundings. Investing in drapes or blinds is a great way to have a bit of privacy while still allowing light to enter your home. 

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning is a part of your everyday routine. From the kitchen and dining room to the living room and bathroom, there will always be something to clean. If you have kids, you’ll most likely need to have cleaning supplies all the time and you should never run out of them. 

Home security

Thanks to modern technology these days, a lot of families are kept safe due to their home security system. With these tiny spies, you’ll know if someone broke into your home and stole stuff. You can also review footage showing what happened days ago or even way back.

Shower curtain

Accidents happen all the time even if they’re the simplest of things like accidentally opening the door to the bathroom while someone is taking a bath. This is where shower curtains come in handy. For you to take a shower privately, a shower curtain should be hung on your bathroom to avoid any accidents. Additionally, it will also prevent the water from splashing everywhere. 

Trash bins and garbage bags

Having just one trash bin is not enough for the whole house. You’ll need one almost in every room such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and even in the laundry room. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Keeping your family and home safe is the number one priority. Now that you own a house, security and maintenance will be added to your responsibility. In the event of a fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help you determine early signs of danger and avoid a worst-case scenario. 


You’ll probably need to fix some things every now and then, that’s why having a toolbox containing important tools is a must-have item for every new homeowner. Your toolbox should contain a wrench, screwdriver, electrical tape, pliers and more.

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